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Travel. Advice. Airbnb.

There are always pros & cons to everything, but I didn’t have many pros, yet

Photo by Andrea Davis on Unsplash

Before I start, my experiences may not apply to you as young travelers. I am on the older side (actually a lot older side), so maybe my experiences might not have been that bad if I was younger.

When I began a solo trip, one of the things that I…

It’s a danger of biased news published by an “unbiased” newspaper

Photo by Claudia Bachinger on Unsplash

The Epoch Times claims to their readers that “The Epoch Times commits to reporting the facts.” I subscribed for a month while COVID-19 just became our daily news and I needed to read the newspaper that reported the truth, not fabricated information. …


I never thought about this until just a few minutes ago.

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It’s been almost a year since we got restricted to “stay home.” At first, we thought it was only a month, then became a few months. Now, we don’t know when this will end, even with a new vaccine protocol.

Yeah, I miss traveling.

I used to travel a lot…


What was it I had for 40 minutes?

Leon Lush, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

MrBeast is a 22-year-old man who sensationalized on the YouTube platform in the last few years. He easily has almost 60 million subscribers, and he made about $24 million so far, according to the source.

What makes him unique is that he is famous for his generosity with money.


The moment we had to fight for freedom and, yes, equality

Image via spiegel.de

I love foreign war movies, especially ones from Russia.

I used to be a WWII history buff, particularly for the European Theater. …


Unfortunately, you won’t know until you start work.

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

My performance review is coming. I always achieve high scores, but I haven’t gotten any promotion yet and I know why.

Everyone had the experience of having a terrible boss, and it’s more often than not. I don’t know why it’s so hard to find a good boss. Linkedin had…


Finally, we can all have silence and peace.

Image via Santa Monica Daily Press

As we prepare for the nation’s significant moment in our history, the President of the United States’ Inauguration, I had some thoughts on how different this year is compared to the usual.

Some people were very wary of former President D. Trump. (As I am writing this, he was no…


Kindness goes a long way.

Photo by Taylor Deas-Melesh on Unsplash

After many years of multiple failed relationships, I finally found the shocking truth, and it was a simple equation about the relationship I had. Yet, many of us ignore this simple rule and try to blame something else for their troubled relationships.

Have you ever wondered why people don’t do…


The Law no longer has a big meaning.

Photo by Jose M. on Unsplash

Often, we realize the dark secrets of our nature, whether that’s related directly or indirectly. When we realize our true nature, we are frequently surprised to find how we become so self-observing.

You may say human natures are complex, but actually, we are seeking a simple desire for ourselves. We…

Mikae Yagi

Panda Lover, Noodle Enthusiast, Finance/Investment follower, Born and raised in Japan

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